August 21, 2017

Today is the day of the lunar eclipse. A very unique occurrence that happens perhaps every 100 years. There was a partial eclipse about 40 years ago and I really don’t remember that. Perhaps since it was only a partial it didn’t impress me or make an impression on me. I also think it is my age then. In my twenties really wasn’t concerned about an eclipse but now in my sixties, in the twilight of my life, I want to remember these things. There is going to be another event in 2024. I sincerely hope that I am alive and able to take in this event also.

Lily’s Lagniappe: This coming weekend college football starts. It is going to be D-2 and possibly D-1 colleges not in the top five conferences. Their football season starts a week later. Looking forward to the LSU season. GEAUX TIGERS!!!


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