August 29, 2016

A terrible night that lead to a pretty nice day. The weather good and most things during the day were okay. Students starting school for the new school year, teachers ready to teach them and parents tearfully joyous for a few hours off. Have a good year to all!!

Lily’s Lagniappe: It is raining in southern Louisiana again. Can they ever catch a break? Need sunshine to dry out the 1000 year flood since most have sprayed for mold and mildew. Pray the rain goes away so Louisiana can come out to play.


August 27, 2016

This writers meeting will be interesting and hopefully enlightening. For the first time since using a freelance editor I am sending pages to my group. I look forward to their comments.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Folks are still recovering from the Flood 2016 which leveled homes in Denham Springs, Greenwell Springs and Baton Rouge. Pleaase keep them in your prayers and thoughts through the coming days.


August 23, 2016

Ran off copies of nursery rhymes. Going to try and make a few other rhymes that that play on the sentiments and wording of the originals.

Lily Lagniappe: The waters have receded but the hard work of re-building lives is beginning. Love my state and the people in it!


August 21, 2016

Working through the thought process for another fractured nursery rhyme picture book. Even though I may have to wait until January to hear from Ripple Grove Press., I should proceed on another project. Also need to revise my YA novel through to the end.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Folks in southern Louisiana are still in need of supplies. Anything you send will find a home. Water, cleaning supplies, trash bags, gloves, clothes, diapers, incontinent supplies for older citizens who have lost everything, can goods, soap, shampoo, conditioner and other supplies that you think folks will need. Most of all please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


August 19, 2016

Sent in latest Picture Book to Ripple Grove Press. It says give  months so now I wait until January for a response. So now I need to go to another nursery rhyme and possibly insert another little story as you turn the page.

Lily’s Lagniappe: My family now begins the long journey to rebuilding their lives. Hopefully through the tears and hard work they will appreciate what they still have.


August 17, 2016

Working on revising a picture book to send to a publisher. Then also revising YA novel. Hopefully things calm down soon with everyone in their respective place.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Please keep the people of southern Louisiana in your thoughts and prayers. Things are not what they should be. The process of stripping their homes of sheet rock and repairing their broken homes and spirits. Everyone safe but replacing their source of security and comfort is unsettling at best. #louisianastrong


August 15, 2016

My family getting back into their homes after being under water. More than anything the smell is hard for them. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and stay dry for awhile. Working on a picture book manuscript from an old nursery rhyme. Revising SHE SHOULD HAVE TOLD.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Please keep southern Louisiana in your thoughts and prayers. Now the hard work of rebuilding begins.


August 13, 2016

Really can’t concentrate on anything else but the flooding in Louisiana. My family members except for 5 or 6 households have flooded homes. Some three to six feet inside. Everyone is safe but with two handicapped children who may need emergency services during this tragedy, I worry.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Folks if you have extra clothes, furniture, water, detergent, bleach, bedding, towels, or can donate money to the Red Cross or Samaritans Purse I thank you in advance.


August 11, 2016

Working on manuscripts and getting back and used to Carolina time again. Looking forward to helping outwith manuscripts for the conference late September. Guess I’m hoping that this conference goes on without a hitch.

Lily’s Lagniappe: The weather in Louisiana is bad. Very bad. Flooding beginning. Hope family is safe.