October 17, 2015

This is a great day for SOUP! Sandra is having another book launch in Marion. She has had two other very successful launches in Michigan and Virginia. This time the launch is at the arts center. I am going because Sandra’s husband is going to a funeral in Ohio and one of our SOUP members is receiving an award today. So I decided it would be nice and the right thing to do is be there for Sandra. Hoping she sells lots of books!

Starting to revise GAMERS OF THE ROUND TABLE. Looking for a hook like the Magic Treehouse series. Merlin’s cloud could take Austin to different times affecting Camelot. Keeping magic in check. Needs to be activities that could be done by normal human beings. Like in the video game no magic by Austin but the creatures he faces are mythological creatures. That’s something to think about. Look at the other members of the Round Table.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Today LSU takes on Florida in Death Valley. I hope my Tigers show up on both sides of the ball. I hope we win the match up with the undefeated Florida. GEAUX TIGERS!!!


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