August 21, 2015

This is Brooks’ third day in kindergarten. He had a good start. So today we went to celebrate at the pool of the camp ground. he jumping on the ‘jumping thing!’ He had a great time. Sweating a good bit, then he went into pool to cool off. We had two visitors that night. Brooks and his momma stayed the night in the she-kamper with his Nanna and me. It was a great five days in Charlottesville, VA. Brooks is going to learn so much this year and he will soon impress his momma with his good work.

Lily’s Lagniappe: The cool weather in Baton Rouge is fooling everyone there. No fall has not begun. It is a little weather joke! When the LSU Tigers take the field on Sept. 5th it will be blistering hot. But it will be marvelous!!


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