August 19, 2015

Heading to Charlottesville, VA to find out if Brooks had a great day in kindergarten. Well, he said he had a good day but a older boy hit him on the bus near his  eye.  It was his first bus ride, his first day of kindergarten in a new school and a new aftercare facility. Well, he seemed happy and excited and we didn’t want to burden him with questions. The next day he forgot his backpack on the bus so we had to figure out a way to retrieve it and while we scurried from spot to spot we tried to find out about his day and the BULLY without being obvious. Well, this time the bully sat in front of Brooks and continued to turn around and hit our kindergartener. The bus driver kept telling the ‘mean’ boy (Brooks’ label for this kid on day two of school) to turn around. We picked him up the third day at aftercare and let the director know that Brooks was having trouble with this older boy. We were told that there had been a incident on the playground in front of the director, the older boy told on Brooks hitting him. The director asked why would Brooks hit him? He lied and the other kids told the truth about him bullying Brooks. The director told him if you are going to hit someone you need to be prepared to get hit back. Although we don’t want Brooks to initiate anything we also don’t want him to be a victim.

Lily’s Lagniappe: LSU Tigers open up their season with McNeese State on Sept. 5th. GEAUX TIGERS!!


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