July 7, 2015

I am in a PB course with the Children’s Book Academy. It is with an editor and Mira Reisberg, renown children’s author. The class is called The Craft and Business of Picture Book Writing. The class is taught by her and an editor from Random House, Kelly Delaney. Each Monday is a webinar and also a lesson with homework. So far been able to keep up. The lessons aren’t very long but they are to make you think about your own writing. There are worksheets to help guide your thinking about your own manuscript. I keep you posted on how much benefit I get from this course. But I believe any class can help you in the long run. Still waiting to hear from the publisher about my little chapter book.

Lily’s Lagniappe: This time in Louisiana is very hot and humid. If you travel there be sure to hydrate and stay out of the sun as much as possible.


July 5, 2015

Well, Sunday Brooks and I awoke and went downstairs for breakfast. Brooks loves yogurt and pancakes but this morning he announced that he was going to eat scrambled eggs. Needless to say they didn’t taste as good as they looked, so Brooks didn’t like the eggs. But we ate some things for breakfast and visited with Cherish a bit then went to the pool. It was freezing!! We didn’t stay long. So we went to the room and watched Teen Titans. UGH! Well I guess it could be worse, not sure how but it could be worse. The picture books I am working on sauteed while I was with a five year old.

Lily’s Lagniappe: The football season is going to begin shortly. I’ve noticed recently in the news that there are football players behaving badly. LSU is not immune from this. One ballplayer has been dismissed from the team. There are three other ballplayers that are in the court system. I’m sure this happened at the time I went to school but it was kept out of the media. Now everyone knows about misbehaving ballplayers. Don’t you think this would encourage the players to behave better? It really hasn’t. Sad, very sad.


July 3, 2015

Heading to Charlottesville, VA to watch Brooks while Cherish moves into her new garage apartment. It will be yucky weather but it will not dampen our spirits about her moving into a new phase of her life. Doing what needs to be done to be a good mom. Brooks is a sweet, intelligent young boy with outlandish amounts of energy. Brooks and I are going swimming and to the movies. He goes with the flow better than most kids.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Well, this weekend is special to every American or at least should be. We declared to the Brits that we were an independent nation. We actually signed the document on the second but it passed the Continental Congress on the fourth. We the People of the United States, in order to form a perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. God Bless this Country that at times forgets why we are a nation.


July 1, 2015

Well, it’s official the summer is speeding by. Still waiting to here from theĀ  publisher I sent the chapter book too! I’m not discouraged just want to know if it is something they would like to print. I am also getting together an agent package which is still in the revision process. I am also taking a Children’s Book Academy class on writing Picture books. It is homework everyday but I get to read more picture books.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Love spending time with family and friends during the summer. Sharing stories, pictures, meals and special events with them. Make the time to do this in your life WITHOUT YOUR CELL PHONE!