July 23, 2015

Still working on 12 X 12 challenge for the year. Need a picture book manuscript for July and soon one for August. I’m also still in CBA class for another two weeks and in also in Kidlit Summer School The Plot Thickens. Leaving next week going to SCBWI LA Conference. But first heading to Charlottesville to see Brooks and Cherish. Trying to give her a weekend free of strife. Little man is easily pacified. Working on several picture book germs of ideas hoping one will come to be a good one. But we will just keep plugging along.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Football season coming soon. Family seems to be in a good place. Dad is worried and hopefully he will come out of this strife smelling like a rose. We have our health and that is something to be very thankful far.


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