July 5, 2015

Well, Sunday Brooks and I awoke and went downstairs for breakfast. Brooks loves yogurt and pancakes but this morning he announced that he was going to eat scrambled eggs. Needless to say they didn’t taste as good as they looked, so Brooks didn’t like the eggs. But we ate some things for breakfast and visited with Cherish a bit then went to the pool. It was freezing!! We didn’t stay long. So we went to the room and watched Teen Titans. UGH! Well I guess it could be worse, not sure how but it could be worse. The picture books I am working on sauteed while I was with a five year old.

Lily’s Lagniappe: The football season is going to begin shortly. I’ve noticed recently in the news that there are football players behaving badly. LSU is not immune from this. One ballplayer has been dismissed from the team. There are three other ballplayers that are in the court system. I’m sure this happened at the time I went to school but it was kept out of the media. Now everyone knows about misbehaving ballplayers. Don’t you think this would encourage the players to behave better? It really hasn’t. Sad, very sad.


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