May 9, 2015

Just finishing changing THE SEARCH FOR THE PRINCESS from third person past to first person present. Must change the beginning of the piece to ground the reader in the online game so it makes sense that Merlin would return for Austin. I believe a mother constantly urging him to get dress for school and stop playing games. He would please her a bit then back to game. I believe if I make the beginning stronger then I might have something pretty good. Then to revise I KNOW WHAT I SAW and THE FREAK’S RAPE and BASKETBALL BALLERINA and also RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE. That’s at least a year of work. My next year is going to be busy. Haven’t heard from publishing company on FLIES IN THE OUTFIELD yet but they still have a month.

Lily’s Lagniappe: LSU’s softball team lost in the conference tournament. Hopefully on Sunday night they get to go to the NCAA softball tournament and that LSU Tiger Park will get a regional. Also LSU Tigers Baseball team plays a second game with Missouri. They won the first game. With a win today they will win the series and a win on Sunday they will sweep Missouri. GEAUX TIGERS!!


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