April 9, 2015

Yesterday I went for a normal hair appointment. I usually go every four to six weeks to get my brunette put back in to cover the gray and then I put in blond highlights to lighten things up a bit. I had to wait a greater amount of time for my hair to cook. No reason why, I haven’t changed medicines or my diet, the beginning of spring is causing a lot of pollen in the air but that has never caused this effect before, but instead of taking about 2 and a half hours it took almost four. Isn’t that the same with our works-in-progress. I admit sometimes we write the first draft in hours or days and at other times it literally takes years. What causes this? Insufficient planning? Unclear objectives? No plot? No defined characters? Could it be that it just takes time to make things work together. When you finish a manuscript and your read through impresses you…well that’s a keeper. There are few areas where you need to clarify but overall it is good. Then there are times when you say to yourself…is there anything about this story, these characters, the incident that I like? Treasure those manuscripts because they truly are there for a reason. Humility, patience, and success can be found in every manuscript you write but the ones you treasure are the ones that took more sweat, more research and more rewrites because you were tenacious in your pursuit of perfection.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Going to Charlottesville, VA today for the weekend. Brooks is going to be five on Sunday. He’s having a SPORTS birthday party. He’s excited I sure but I can’t wait for the quiet times with him. Him sitting in my lap while I read to him, him watching a movie on my computer, we discussing things he asks about and camping in my sister’s she-camper, and waking up with him starving.


April 7, 2015

Going this weekend to celebrate Brook’s birthday. He’s going to be five.  Growing up so fast and learning so much, he’s a true blessing.  I so wish that he and his momma were back here is Hickory and I could pick him up and love on him every week. But Cherish is a good momma and her bosses really like her and see the benefit of her being in charge. So she may stay in Charlottesville for awhile.

Working on SEARCH FOR THE PRINCESS for the May Intensive in Durham. I will read this morning and then make final revisions. Also writing the query and theme some time this week. Also revised HANG TEN, DUDE! My 12 X 12 manuscript for April. So onward I go into this good year.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Heading to my home state on April 17th. Lovely springtime in Louisiana. Pollen filled days and nights. My sister and I are going in her She-camper. She will start sneezing around Mobile, Alabama. Hoping to go back to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. Come on Tigers!! Let’s go for the title this year. GEAUX TIGERS!!


April 5, 2015

Today is Easter Sunday. The Lord has risen and we Christians rededicate ourselves to be better sheep. Truly are blessed in my life. I need to lose weight, I could use some plastic surgery, I could do a better job wearing make-up everyday as Chad, my nephew, reminds me, I could use some practice keeping my mouth shut, but overall I am in excellent health, can buy what I need, and can worship my God.

Now, I haven’t heard from my manuscript at the publisher yet but I have revised a picture book manuscript in March that shows promise. I have written one for April that seems to be okay also. I guess if I can get some good comments about them also I may send them to an agent.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Easter in Louisiana is really nice. It’s warm but the humidity is much lower at this time. Beautiful blooms and plenty of pollen.


April 3, 2015

I have the most amazing family. Last night we started a family thread and decided we must get together so we are making reservations for the weekend before Thanksgiving and next Easter at a State Park. Tickfaw State Park will never be the same. We all have such a good time when we get together.

I surely hope that someday soon I will have book signings and school visits in the Louisiana area and here in North Carolina. Just wishful thinking. My critique group is spending time together in May at my condo in Gatlinburg. The weather will be nice and Dollywood will be open. Novel revision intensive first weekend in May should be re-energizing. Working on a new picture book for 12 X 12 in April. Hopefully it will get some comments.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Soon to see family and they do not know we are coming. They don’t read my blog yet so they will never know. Looking forward to laughing, crying, hugging, and celebrating those still with us!!