April 9, 2015

Yesterday I went for a normal hair appointment. I usually go every four to six weeks to get my brunette put back in to cover the gray and then I put in blond highlights to lighten things up a bit. I had to wait a greater amount of time for my hair to cook. No reason why, I haven’t changed medicines or my diet, the beginning of spring is causing a lot of pollen in the air but that has never caused this effect before, but instead of taking about 2 and a half hours it took almost four. Isn’t that the same with our works-in-progress. I admit sometimes we write the first draft in hours or days and at other times it literally takes years. What causes this? Insufficient planning? Unclear objectives? No plot? No defined characters? Could it be that it just takes time to make things work together. When you finish a manuscript and your read through impresses you…well that’s a keeper. There are few areas where you need to clarify but overall it is good. Then there are times when you say to yourself…is there anything about this story, these characters, the incident that I like? Treasure those manuscripts because they truly are there for a reason. Humility, patience, and success can be found in every manuscript you write but the ones you treasure are the ones that took more sweat, more research and more rewrites because you were tenacious in your pursuit of perfection.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Going to Charlottesville, VA today for the weekend. Brooks is going to be five on Sunday. He’s having a SPORTS birthday party. He’s excited I sure but I can’t wait for the quiet times with him. Him sitting in my lap while I read to him, him watching a movie on my computer, we discussing things he asks about and camping in my sister’s she-camper, and waking up with him starving.


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