April 5, 2015

Today is Easter Sunday. The Lord has risen and we Christians rededicate ourselves to be better sheep. Truly are blessed in my life. I need to lose weight, I could use some plastic surgery, I could do a better job wearing make-up everyday as Chad, my nephew, reminds me, I could use some practice keeping my mouth shut, but overall I am in excellent health, can buy what I need, and can worship my God.

Now, I haven’t heard from my manuscript at the publisher yet but I have revised a picture book manuscript in March that shows promise. I have written one for April that seems to be okay also. I guess if I can get some good comments about them also I may send them to an agent.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Easter in Louisiana is really nice. It’s warm but the humidity is much lower at this time. Beautiful blooms and plenty of pollen.


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