March 31, 2015

Putting a revised picture book manuscript on 12 X 12 today. I have also written another PB for April. Hoping I can get it into shape for the April 12 X 12 submission time. Haven’t heard anything from the publisher but it is almost a month. The site said three months response time. Deep breaths..

Lily’s Lagniappe: My sister asked me if I wanted to go the LSU’s Spring Game. Hell Yeah!! Sorry, but I miss football. I also can only watch baseball on my computer. If we get to go to the game our Dad is going to meet us in Louisiana. We will visit momma’s grave, see family and go to a football game. But most of all I can get some crawfish. The azaleas are in bloom and they are beautiful. Can’t wait to see some full size azaleas. My neck of the woods only have the miniature azalea because they’re sturdier. Also the hibiscus will be blooming; lots of color and pollen!!!


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