February 21, 2015

Revising manuscripts, reading books, studying picture books for the month of March; very busy but still trying to revise a middle grade manuscript and get chapter book out to an editor. This is the life of a writer. Recently I heard the term pre-published author. I think I like it very much. Hoping the publishing company I’ve chosen likes my chapter book too! Well, after I send it to them then it is out of my control. If they like it good but if they don’t I will try someone else.

Having our first critique session this week since January 14th on Wednesday the 25th. The weather has been horrible here. Snow, very low temps and general cruddy, gloomy days. At least I don’t live in Boston.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Louisiana has been experiencing cold weather and there is nothing worse than a cold, damp day. No amount of soup, coffee or hot sauce can warm you up but it does seem to make your spirits rise.


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