February 17, 2015

This is Fat Tuesday. The last big party before lent. Some of you know what that means and others of you don’t; if you are not familiar with the Bible you may not know why there are 40 days of giving up something you love to repent and get closer to the teachings of God and the sermons of Jesus. To sacrifice as Jesus sacrificed to show his disciples and followers that this was a good way to become more spiritual.

If you are in the city of New Orleans, Mobile, Galveston and Tampa please be careful; lots of alcohol, lack of judgment and huge crowds surrounding you. Stay safe!

Working on a rhyming PB as well as revising a chapter book, middle grade novel and a few other picture books.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Tomorrow the city of New Orleans will slowly get back to normal. Cable cars will run, people will get back to work definitely by this coming Monday. Schools are usually out for the week to give the city a chance to clean up. Every business will be open, eat the good food, visit the plantation homes to see a kinder, gentler way of life, visit the River Walk without the crowds, and let the majority of people get out of the city before you head to the airport. See you next Mardi Gras!


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