February 15, 2015

I’m going to veer a bit away from writing today. My maternal grandparents were married this day in 1928. They would have been together for 87 years. They were both from sturdy stock. God-fearing, hard-working, Christian people that worked hard all week and repented on Sunday. No one worked on Sunday. The afternoon was for naps, visiting, and getting prepared for the next week’s work. Simple people not because they didn’t have sophistication or a college degree, but because they didn’t want for more than what they had. Money enough to pay the bills with enough left over to have a few treats. Family surrounding them with love and adoration. The good Lord gave them their health and allowed them to work the fields and dairy until they decided to retire not retire because of necessity. Cold watermelons at the end of hot summer day, a breeze in spring to take the sting out of the warmth beating down on you, frost to kill off the insects on the field hay and enough rain to grow gardens full of summer and/or winter plants. Gentle times, knowing where they were from and knowing where they were going, no smart phones, no internet, no Facebook, no Twitter, news on at 5, 6, and 10, ate supper early because 3:30 AM came early at the dairy, and television reception with the rabbit ears wasn’t really all that good. Stories about their ancestors, stories about our grandparents courting, stories about our parents when they were younger kept us riveted sitting at their feet. I miss you Maw and Paw. My pen name is made up of Clytie Bridges and Lillie Blanche Beck; my two grandmothers. Lily Blanche Bridges is hopefully the best of the two of them.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Our families are the best thing resource we have of how things were. Sit down and take notes how things have changed, for better or worse, and listen to how they tell the story as well as what they are telling you. Their emotional journey is as real as the years they lived.


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