January 27, 2015

I signed up for 12 X 12 with Julie Hedlund. So I put away my WIP chapter book for a day or two to revise a PB manuscript. 12 X 12 is twelve PB manuscripts in a year. You can post your constructive criticism on other manuscripts to help other PB writers get their manuscripts in shape. So I posted my first 250 words of ‘The Worst Birthday Ever.’ Although due to a comment I may have to change the name; they suggested I give away the focus of the book. But thinking about it didn’t ‘Walter the Farting Dog,’ tell what the book is about. Still thinking… At the end of the week I will return to the chapter book further revision.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Carnival season is in full force but it all ends on Fat Tuesday.  Don’t forget that New Orleans is not the only city that celebrates Mardi Gras or even Louisiana being the only the state that celebrates the end of Lent. In Mobile, Alabama there are parades and celebrations. In Chicago, Illinois there are parades. In Tampa, Florida there are Gasparilla Pirate Festivals at the same time. So find one close to you and celebrate with your family and friends.


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