January 23, 2015

Still working on my chapter book manuscript. I really need to spice up the language and flow of the sentences. I’m working hard to get all action verbs. Kids love the read action verbs. My nephew told me when he was in the fourth grade that he wanted to be a mind traveler. I think the only way that can happen is if you lead the reader through the events with action verbs. My chapter book is about baseball. We watch grown men play a game for a living; what better way for kids to live their dreams on the pages of your books. I want every little boy or girl that reads this book to feel as if they are part of the plot. If I can accomplish that I will have succeeded.

Lily’s Lagniappe: The carnival season will end soon on Fat Tuesday. I noticed recently that some of the balls have decided to open their doors to the public. You can check the Times Picayune to see what balls are opened to the public and the location of those balls. Usually it is a first come situation because of the fire code; so if you plan on trying attend be there early.


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