November 21, 2014

This is Friday. Eek, the weekend. How will I ever find time to write? Can I find thirty minutes to myself? Will I ever finish the revision of my work in progress? The answers depend on your desire. Can you find time to write? Yes a few moments before the rest of the house wakes up or while they are eating or while they are doing chores you create. Another place to be by yourself is the bathroom for about an hour of privacy. Finish revision? Yes, but unless you are re-visioning your manuscript its very tiring. Hard to know where to start but as Walt Disney said stop talking about it just do it! When you have the desire you have the way. Go forth and conquer.

Lily’s Lagniappe: Cooking with a sausage or a turkey sausage, it is not necessary to add salt. The sausage will provide the sodium. When you add the sausage to gumbo or jambalaya allow it to sit in fridge over night then heat and serve. All the ingredients mix better.


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