November 17, 2014

This winter is beginning with a vengeance. What if we used winter’s energy to attack our writing. Is that plot working? Is the character’s motivation valid? Is this truly my main character’s story? How many subplots are too many? Can I finish this novel in a timely manner? My suggestions are to finish the first draft and put into the computer or on paper (yes I am a pencil to paper gal then computer), determine the main character, subplots are a tricky issue for most writers but I say no more than three and lastly once the first draft is done work on the plot point by point and RAISE the stakes.

Lily Lagniappe: The movie Steel Magnolias was filmed in northern Louisiana. The beautiful scenery, the homes and the fair the ensemble attended are real places and festivals. It is a lovely part of the state to visit. Come see it!!!


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