November 15, 2014

My main character is in jeopardy. She’s vulnerable, socially inept, naive, intelligent, responsible and shunned. Now I think I’ve gotten a grip on her core. Aren’t we all of these things from time to time in our lives? How do I show growth? She’s smart and can rationalize her situation. She’s shunned by peers because of her family. Can we all identify? The mom wearing the ‘comfortable’ clothes every where she goes, the dad wearing daisy dukes with black socks because that’s what he grew up with, the brother who hasn’t bathed in a week, and the noisy little sister, these are all things we can recover from. My character needs greater peril. I’m working on throwing ‘rocks’ at her. Not sure who used this term first but it just means keep upping the conflict. So I’m going back to zigging pebbles at my main character.

Lily’s Lagniappe: LSU plays Arkansas this weekend and a lot of folks serve cochon de lait. Roasted pig over an open pit. The recipes vary on the internet. But Mansura, LA is the capital of Cochon de Lait roasting. There is a festival every year. Delicious food and usually a cook off.


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