November 13, 2014

Several blogs lately have done a fabulous job giving instructions on how to craft your characters. What shoes would she wear? What t-shirt would she wear with jeans? Slacks? Shorts? I believe these are very important and I also believes it changes. I actually have a character that would wear only t-shirts and jeans at the beginning of the novel – then a period of sweats, flannel shirts, no hygiene – then exercise clothing and then finally back to t-shirts and jeans. Her clothing indicates her inner struggle. But at the same time she just might wear tennis shoes in all aspects of the emotional journey. So crafting your characters depends on so many aspects of a persons preference. Deciding the ones that help you convey the character’s journey to the reader can be of monumental importance. Try them all. Find the ones which resonates with your character.

Lily’s Lagniappe: A quick dessert..a poor man’s beignets. Take the cheapest can of biscuits. Quarter each biscuit. Put them in a deep pot of hot vegetable oil. Turn the biscuits over so that they are golden brown on all sides. Place them on paper towels or something to absorb excess oil. Then while hot put confectioner’s sugar on top. Serve them warm.


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